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You Prayed.
God Answered.

We are very happy to report how the Lord has answered prayer in recent months.

Christmas Party in Carmen Bajo: In December, we returned to Carmen Bajo to help with the annual childrenís Christmas party. It was great to see that the church is growing. This year there were 146 children at the party, including 85 new children whom will be part of a new Compassion International program at the church. The kids were taught the real meaning of Christmas and given gifts.

Cheri helped paint childrenís faces at the Christmas party in Carmen Bajo.

The Willow Creek Association Work Team visiting Shell, Ecuador.
Willow Creek Association Work Team: The group did a variety of ministry. First, they taught the Good $ense Budget Course to about 75 missionaries and then offered personal financial counseling. Also, they conducted Christian Education seminars for about 200 Ecuadorian church leaders and Sunday School teachers. Finally, they did a spiritual mentoring class for women missionaries. All the courses were well received. It was a joy to host the group.
HCJB Medical Caravans: The new HCJB medical caravan truck went on its first trip on March 2, 2004. This ministry of Community Development offers health care services to areas in Ecuador that donít have access to medical care. They work together with the local church. While providing physical care, they share Christís love with their patients and show the evangelistic "Jesus" film in the communities.

The new medical caravan vehicle at Argelia Alto.

We will be in the United States on Home Ministry Assignment from May 20 - August 7, 2004.

Please contact us if you would like to get together.

Praise Items:
About 3,500 people attended the Christmas party at the city dump in December 2003. The following day, a number of people accepted Christ as their Savior.

Praise that Eugenia is coming to Cheriís Monday afternoon Bible study occasionally. Continue to pray for her salvation.

Praise that Nicole got over a case of pneumonia in January.

On January 20, 2004, we moved into our new condominium. We are very thankful for the extra space, especially for entertaining. Plus there is a park nearby where the girls can play.

Thanks to the gifts of many of you, our ministry fund account ended 2003 in the black. We give thanks for Godís provision.

Prayer Items: We are beginning to plan our next Home Ministry Assignment. Pray that all the scheduling details will come together.

Pray for Duane as the next few months are a very busy time for him. Many people request photos for use during summer Home Ministry Assignments.

Continue to pray that our old condominium will sell.

the prayer letter of Duane and Cheri Birkey who support the ministries of HCJB World Radio in photography and finance.

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One of many families who attended the Christmas party at the Quito garbage dump.
Duaneís Photographs of Ecuador

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