I continue to be amazed by the endless photographic opportunities that I see each time I venture out. The bio-diversity in Ecuador is absolutely astounding. Ecuador is about the size of Colorado, yet there are over 4000 species of butterflies, more than any other country on earth. There are some 120 types of hummingbirds and over 1550 species of birds have been sighted so far. There are some 300 species of mammals including over 100 species of bats. There are some 350 reptiles with over 100 types of poison arrow frogs. There are probably at least 25,000 species of plants and insects could literally number close to a million species. As I look at the incredible natural beauty that surrounds me, I am reminded that Genesis chapter 1 tells us that it was all created by God. It also tells us that God saw that everything He had made was good.

I was asked once whether I thought God would have my pictures on display in heaven. I think I responded by saying that I hope my pictures bring glory to Him by showing how He has changed lives through various ministries. I hope they reveal the simple beauty, yet complex design and the sheer enormity of His creation. You see, I want God to look at everything that I've done in my life and be able to say that it was good.