Quito is a city rich in cultural history as well as religous tradition. For many years the city of Quito was the religous capital of the "New World" as churches, convents and monastaries flourished.
During the 17th century it was noted that there were as many men in the monastaries as working in the city of Quito and King of Spain forbid the building of any more new churches.

There were periods of time in which the different orders practically competed against each other to see who could put forth the best procession during various religous celebrations.

The Good Friday procession is by far the most elaborate procession still practiced in the city of Quito.

Hundreds of people take part in the actual procession and perhaps 200,000 people line the streets to watch it.

Today the competition seems to be more along the lines of how heavy of a cross one can carry.

Or how painful you can make the crown of thorns or barbed wire appear.
Or to be the youngest participant.
Yet the Good Friday procession is a vivid reminder of Jesus Christ's suffering and painful death on the cross.

He willingly died as the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

While He died on the cross, His life did not end there. He came back to life again after being dead for three days.

He went up into heaven and He provides us with the means to be reconcilled to God and eternal life in the presence of God.

Even though Good Friday and Easter have passed, I hope you'll at least think about what Jesus did on the cross and then consider accepting God's gift to you...

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